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Spreading the Message

Hey guys, it’s Ruby. So this weekend I spoke at a 12 Step meeting. It was a really nice experience. I didn’t feel nervous up until I went up on stage. But once I started speaking it was so relieving. Seeing people nod along while I was speaking, and being told I was doing great when I’d laugh nervously. It was nice to share bits of my story with folks who are in the same boat.

The words came easily enough to me, explaining how it was before, what happened, and how it’s going now. Though I did jump around a fair bit in my retelling of things. I saw a few people who were almost in tears, and I thought to myself, damn, I can actually say things that touch people. I think the most impactful thing I said, was that if you try to go alone, chances are you’re going to fail because you need other people. and other people need you.

After the meeting several people came up to me to shake my hand or hug me, many said they needed to hear what I said, and lots said how great I did, and that it makes their hearts happy to see someone be successful, and inspiring others to commit to the program. I honestly left the meeting with a grin on my face.

Anyways, that’s about it for now, Until next time- Ruby


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