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Some Thoughts

Hi everyone! Ruby here. Just came back from a lovely little retreat, the second one I’ve been on this year, and it was amazing. Getting out onto the water and kayaking was a blast. I feel like it’s something you never forget how to do, because it’s been probably 12 years at least since I went in a kayak, and I still knew how to do it. It was nice to be around girls with similarities and get to make new friends. But there’s definitely something so rewarding about coming home and sleeping in your own bed. We also did some fabric painting on some tote bags, which was fun, and helped me improve a bit artistically.

                I’ve been looking into new hobbies and such, I helped make bread the other day, which was super rewarding. I ordered some diamond paintings which is actually really fun, and I’ve been trying to do different styles of make-up to try something new.  It’s kinda weird finding stuff to enjoy as an adult because I know for a fact I like certain things, but I suppose that lying in bed, gaming, and watching anime all day is more of a weekend activity than a weekday.

My birthday is actually coming up soon, and this year I’m not filled with dread about it ( in years past something really bad always happened on my birthday), so that’s super nice. I’m not excited about it either because it’s pushing me one year closer to 30, and I am not mentally prepared to be 30. But it’s nice to know that I don’t have to be on guard for my birthday this year, as last year was my first sober bday in years and I was having anxiety and panic attacks about it.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on far enough, so with that, I will say goodbye.



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