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Submit a Complaint

Despite our best efforts to maintain and adhere to a high standard of service to those we serve and work alongside, there may be times when we don’t meet your expectations. With that in mind, we strive to ensure any complaints or issues that you have will be addressed and handled with care. 



SafeHope Home is dedicated to ensuring that all external complaints are resolved in a confidential and timely fashion and that a transparent complaints procedure exists in order for SafeHope Home to maintain its high standards of service.

Every effort should be made to solve the problems cooperatively and informally before presenting them in writing as a formal grievance. Every effort should be made to achieve speedy and effective resolutions at the lowest levels of supervision. All complaints and questions will receive thoughtful consideration and will be discussed. Once an issue has been identified and named by the complainant they should be directed to the most appropriate level of supervision.



1. Complaints not in writing or informal complaints will be investigated by the staff member who receives the complaint.

2. The staff member will:
• Ascertain the details of the complaint;
• Attempt to resolve the complaint at that time;

3. If unable to resolve, staff will bring the complaint to Senior Management for discussion on what
action, if any, should be undertaken;

4. Complainant will be notified of the results of the Senior Management discussion.

5. Inform the complainant that a written complaint can be submitted if the complainant is still

5. An incident report will be completed and filed in the External Complaints folder.

1. Formal complaints are to be in writing (this includes e-mail).

2. When a formal complaint is made against SafeHope Home by a person either directly or indirectly through another body or person, it is immediately brought to the attention of Senior Management if the complaint relates to the staff or volunteers.

3. Senior Management and Human Resources will:
• Ascertain the details of the complaint;
• Inform the complainant of the timeframes and process for investigating the complaint;
• Discuss the complaint with the person(s) against whom the complaint is made;
• Review all relevant documentation;
• Bring all information to Senior Management, who will make a decision on what action,
if any, should be undertaken;
• Inform the complainant in writing of the outcome of the investigation and outline any
action to be taken;
• Inform the person/s against whom the complaint was made of the outcome of the
investigation and any action to be taken;
• Minute the details of the complaint, investigation process and outcome;
• Write a final report and file it in the External Complaints folder.


All complaints submitted to through the form below will go directly to the Executive Director of SafeHope Home, Jasmine De Fina at If the complaint you have should be directed to and needs the attention of the Board of Directors at SafeHope Home, the complaint can go to

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