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Hello Everyone

Hello everyone, it’s Ruby!

                Man, I actually really miss the girls who are still at the house, and the others who had also moved on. We still talk regularly but I miss the deep talks and the silliness we would often get into. I definitely get along with my roommate, and I love her, but I still really miss my girls. I know that outreach has in-person get-togethers, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

I also decided to purchase myself a tattoo machine and some fake skin and have been practicing, while also covering up some of my old tattoos. It’s actually much easier than drawing, and I really enjoy the feel of handling the machine. I will not be tattooing anyone else, just the practice skin and myself, and I’ve printed out some simple things to practice with. I’ve always been interested in tattooing, so maybe if I get good, it’s something I could actually do.

                Annnnd my birthday is this week. I am excited because we are going to a Korean BBQ, which I have never been to before, and have always wanted to try it. I’m just not excited because I will be a year away from 30. I don’t know why I’m dreading turning thirty so much, but whatever.

                I also met with a financial advisor, who told me I’m actually pretty good with my budget, which is reassuring because sometimes I guilt trip myself for spending money, since I feel like I should just save it all. But I’ve been trying to ignore that and treat myself here and there.

Alright guys, thank you for reading. Ruby Editor’s Note: Ruby wrote this post during the Summer, Happy Belated Birthday Ruby!


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