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Hey everyone! It’s Ruby here. So lately I’ve been challenging myself, which is good because it helps negate my self-doubt. The last couple weeks I’ve been doing at least a half hour on the treadmill at the gym, and trying to do 15 minutes of active movement 5 days/week and it’s been pretty good. Instead of viewing it as something I HAVE to do, I can view it as something I feel inclined to do. Usually, I’ve been doing about a half hour. 15 min workout then 15 min stretch afterwards. 

Usually trying to be active fails for me, because I do it for a while, realize that I haven’t lost fat in the right places (usually I start to lose fat on my butt or chest, and not my stomach), get frustrated and give up. So right now I am not focusing on that, I’m focusing on being able to gain more stamina and stop being as sedentary. Which really helps when I’m not feeling it, because then I can just do a longer stretch, and it still counts as movement. I’m already seeing results; before whenever I would walk too much there would be the absolute worst tension in my lower back. That doesn’t happen anymore and my body pain, in general, has been lowered. 

I’m also kinda wanting to learn how to do kendo (or any other type of sword training), mainly because I have wanted to do that for a very long time, and it could involve me getting movement and having fun with it! Plus it would be a pretty cool hobby to get into, which encompasses other aspects of my interests.

Alight guys. That’s pretty much it for today, as always thanks for reading my posts, and make sure you’re drinking lots of water because it’s hot out there!



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