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Exploring Interests

Hi guys, Ruby here! I hope everyone is doing well. I definitely am. So I’ve been here just over a month, and I’m definitely digging it. Last week I went on a bus adventure, which is quite a big deal to me, because I absolutely hate public transit. However one of the staff went with me, and made it into a decent day. I find it hard to push myself to do things that I know I can do, and I don’t even understand why. I am going to start on the treadmill at the gym, because I was so sore after a fifteen minute walk, which is again because I don’t like to push myself. But now I realize I have to build my strength back up.

I’m going to be trying to explore some new hobbies as well, I’ve wanted to learn Caligraphy for ages, and anyone who knows me, knows I love a good pen. I’m also considering practicing getting better at drawing, because I really have an interest in doing tattoos, but before I make that leap, even to just fake skin, I need to know what I’m doing. Another interest I have, is voice acting, so I may try to get into that as well. A lot of things I’d like to do definitely come from my interest, so it would be cool to further expand those interests, and possibly make money off of it.

I am also heading away on a little sort of vacation soon so I’m hyped up for that. But yeah, not too muh as been going on, so I will leave it at that.



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