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Valentines (Galentines)

Hey guys, Ruby here.

So today (February 15th) we had our Galentines day! We each got each other little gifts today, and it was very nice to wake up and exchange them. We also had really cute cake at program today, that said Happy Galentines, which was also adorable. The staff also had a gift exchange of their own, so it was exciting seeing them bring in the gifts for one another. 

To be completely honest. I don’t usually care for Valentine’s Day. Or I didn’t care for it. I actually had so much fun picking out gifts for the other women, and exchanging it, and if I’m being honest, it was more heartfelt than anything a partner has gotten me.

I’m the kind of person who likes to say things like “I am so violently single!” But not today, today I got to show and receive love from other beautiful women who are on the exact same journey that I am. Today I got to share cake with our amazing program staff, and our residents. 

I definitely feel like showing love to these other women, and receiving it right back, makes me very happy to be in a program with such gentle souls.


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