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The Start of a New Opportunity

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another blog with Morty. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the nice fall weather we’ve been having. I love seeing the leaves change colour and as much as I love seeing them on the ground and trees, it can also remind me that winter is coming soon. I won’t even get into our weather here in Canada because I swear it changes every week if not, it can feel like 2 times a day lol. Seasonal depression is real for some of us. I seem to be okay and on the odd days, it can hit me. This is when self-care and something that makes you happy, can come into place to help you throughout your days. 

So, this week started off well. I did a deep clean of my apartment on Monday, did some laundry, and then hit the gym with the girls. Tuesday, I went into the program, worked on my personal studies, and went to the gym again with the girls. Wednesday (which is today actually; but for you, it might be either Thursday or Friday) I stayed home, cooked, cleaned, and got ready to meet the girls to go to the gym, you guessed it! Going to the gym has been very therapeutic for me. When I hear myself say that “I love it”, I can’t help but think about how I used to avoid it like the plague. I used to make excuses on why I didn’t want to go or why I couldn’t etc. etc. Thursday (which is tomorrow for me) I have an outing with the girls before we then go to this N.A thing, that I can’t disclose but, I am very excited to start working on my steps now that I’ve been committed to meetings a lot more. I also have a two-year medallion coming up. I can’t believe it. Getting sober two years ago soon was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life thus far.

I also finally heard back about my employment opportunity, and I start Monday! I am very excited, to say the least. It’ll be definitely a new environment and schedule, but I love change. Let me correct that actually, I meant to say that “I love SOME change and it also depends on what it is lol” (being okay with change is still something I struggle with, but somehow end up doing it anyway and that makes me really proud of myself). I will be meeting new people and perhaps making new friendships! Having some extra income also will be very helpful since I now do have more expenses in the second phase here at SafeHope Home. I really don’t mind because this is the only way to really know how it’ll be when I do move out of my housing. I also want to continue saving, so it’ll be for that too. Budgeting is so important, and I learned that here actually. It’s a course we take in the first phase of programming here at SafeHope Home.

I was so used to making money every day and spending it either right away on drugs or saving it to then spend it on clothes, bags, anything designer, and just stuff. I had no sense of budgeting at all. Even when I had my first job before meeting my trafficker, I was living paycheck by paycheck. To the last cent, I had on me. Coming here, really taught me what it is to really budget and save for my future. Actually, coming here to SafeHope Home really taught me a lot of different things. Things I will be forever grateful for. I really can say that out of all the programs that I’ve been at, this one specifically, changed my life.

I’ll go into more depth on what I mean in my next blog, but for today’s blog, I’ll be ending it here. Thank you so much for taking the time today to read the blog. It means so much to know that there’s even one person reading these.

Till next time, Morty


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