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Summer Update

Hello everyone, Ruby here! Summer is (unfortunately) upon us. I’m not the biggest fan of the season, because Summer and I do not mix well. I burn very easily (even with sunscreen and the shade), I get overheated very fast, and it makes me very sluggish. I do enjoy parts of it, such as going on little walks, and seeing animals, birds, and even bugs! I went on a little trail walk today, I couldn’t make it all the way to the end, because of my disability, but it was nice getting out there and taking some pictures. The other day there was a HUGE snake in the yard, and I got some pictures and posted them on social media, and people commented “Is that a rattlesnake?” and it turns out it was. So here I am, chasing this snake, trying to catch it like it’s a pet, meanwhile, it’s a rattler!

Confidence Boost

I went and got my nails done last week, and that always boosts my confidence! I also recently hosted a make-up tutorial via Zoom, and it was very fun! I did a sunset eye look, and the girls killed it! It was very rewarding to be able to share one of my passions and watch other women be able to do it. I’ve also got a career coaching thing coming up, which I’m nervous but excited about.

My Inner Child

Also, I feel like I’m letting my inner child come out more, mostly because a video game that I’ve been waiting for for a couple of years now finally been released! It’s the new Legend of Zelda game, and I’ve loved those games since I was a child. Being able to preorder and play on release was such a nice feeling! Seeing the references and everything to other games in the series made my heart happy! Lately, whenever I would game prior to this game coming out, there would be a voice in my head saying “You could be doing something better with your time” “Get up and do something”, and I just decided no eff that, I deal with everything I need to do in my day, then during my evening I allow myself to do the things I enjoy.

Anyway, thank you all for continuing to read my posts and support me.

Much love -Ruby


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