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Settling In

Hello everyone! It’s Ruby here, I’m still able to write blogs for SHH so I figured I’d give a quick little update. I’m getting settled in quite nicely. Thankfully I got a good head start on all of my packing so when move day happened, I was very prepared. It’s kind of wild to see how much stuff I actually own, considering I was living out of a gym bag and hotel rooms, two years ago with nothing to my name.

Unpacking went pretty well, it only took me one evening and an afternoon, it was mostly deciding how to set up my room that took so long since I’m very particular about how I like my stuff set up. Plus I’ll probably change it around several times before I figure out what I want to be my permanent set-up.

I’ve had no problem adjusting, guess that’s one of those street skills that never dissipates, being able to adapt easily. I definitely miss all the lovely women at SHH, and I’m hoping everyone is doing well.

I’m so beyond happy that I’m embarking on the next steps of my journey, and I’m glad I can still update everyone. I’m so proud of myself for making it this far and will be forever thankful for SafeHope Home and blessing me with the program there, helping me prepare for the next stages.

              Alright guys, that’s it for today. Until next time – Ruby


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