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Moving On

Hello everyone, it’s Ruby here. I’ve had a lot going on. I am going to be moving to the next stage of my journey. I’m going to be leaving SafeHope Home, and going to an organization with a bit more independence. I’m very excited about this, especially because I don’t feel fully ready to live on my own, so this is a wonderful next step.

I’m so grateful for everything SHH has blessed me with, and all the opportunities. Of course, there have been difficult parts, where I wanted to say eff this and leave, but I stuck it out because I deserve to be here. And I deserve this chance at life. I’ve gotten so many new tools to utilize, and I’m so happy I decided to stick it out.

I hope every woman that’s here can successfully graduate from the program, and be successful with their recovery journey. I’m hoping to be able to still write blog posts, to keep everyone updated, since I will be connected with Outreach. If this is my final post, I just want to say that I’m so thankful for this program, thankful to everyone reading this blog, and I wish success to each woman in the program.

– Ruby


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