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Hey guys, Ruby here again. So the 20th of February was my 18 months sober! I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to create a new life, and have a second chance. I’m eternally grateful to SafeHope Home, for giving me ( and everyone else that comes in) the opportunity to better themselves. 

This is the longest I’ve been sober in my entire life, I think that since I started using I wasn’t even sober for 18 months total throughout my using. The staff and volunteers keep our sober dates and congratulate us, usually having a little celebration every 6 months. Honestly coming here was probably the best decision I’ve made, being able to support other women in their recovery, going out to meetings, and learning who I am, are all wonderful. 

Every day of sobriety, or escaping a trafficker, or abuser should definitely be celebrated, I always tell the women congrats, no matter how many days they have because, I know it isn’t easy to just completely 180 your life. And progress is progress, whether you’re at 1 day, or 15 years, every day that you make the decision to not go back to that lifestyle is a win for me. 

I know that I love sharing my recovery with others, and I’m definitely loud and proud about it. Thank you all for reading, and being with me on this journey. 


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