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Meeting my trafficker

Trigger Warning: The following post contains the author’s personal story of meeting her trafficker and involves mention of drug use. Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog with Morty! So another week is done and the weekend is just around the corner! Woohoo! 

I’m excited because it was a busy week here at SHH. As always, I hope this week was okay for everyone. This week here for us, we had a “celebration” for some of the participants and we also had a graduation. “Celebration” day is basically a day filled with people who constantly support us. We sit together and enjoy a nice meal, we share a few words with each other, there are certificates, gifts etc! Basically picture a room full of laughter, kindness, tears of joy and more importantly a room filled with life and so much potential. It’s a time to celebrate the girls here at SafeHope Home, who’ve been constantly working on themselves and it deserves to be celebrated once in a while. Isn’t that amazing? 

I love that about SHH. I love that they consider celebrating participants for their achievements as something important and memorable for each of us.

A lot of us haven’t had that maybe ever, and I’m grateful that SHH can do that for us! We all deserve to be celebrated no matter how big or small it might be. So yes, the beginning of the week was the celebration/ graduation for the participants who’ve completed either some or all their courses.

Okay now to the other part of the blog today where I will be sharing something personal about my personal experience in HT, and I do want to mention that it’s not easy to talk about but I think I’m ready to do so and you’ll see why maybe not in this one yet but definitely on the next one. I might finish part of it on the next blog just because it might be long.

So when I met my trafficker, I had just graduated high school and I had a full-time job. Before meeting him let’s just say that I was a girl that would party on the weekends, worked full time and lived at home with her parents. The unhealthy part was that I was partying too much and occasionally using my DOC (Drug Of Choice) and not respecting my mom’s rules of coming home at a certain time and being hard to live with. But the healthy part I guess you can say was that I had just graduated high school, I was working full time and had healthy friendships (obviously not the people that I partied with). Long story short, I started to feel like I needed more money. Something happened that triggered me to feel like I needed to figure something out. This is what triggered it; I was involved in a situation where I thought I was helping someone out, but in fact, it was the complete opposite and I ended up somehow committing fraud. I had every paycheque from my work taken from my bank automatically by my bank from my account for a few months to pay off a debt. So not only was I also paying rent at my parents’ but then that happened. 

So one day I remember being in the car of my drug dealer. He was talking about how this girl that he knew was making tons and tons of money etc and that if I needed help he could introduce me to someone else that he knew could help me become like that girl he was talking about. Little did I know, the guy he was talking about, was soon to be my trafficker. One night, my drug dealer called me and gave me his number. Long story short I ended up living with him and things changed pretty quickly. Instead of just using cocaine at parties on the weekends, I was using it almost every day. Instead of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, I was eating barely anything. Instead of having a normal full-time job, I was now working at a strip club and out of hotels as an escort. 

I was becoming someone I didn’t even know I could become. Not in a good way.

I’m going to end the blog post here just because of the length of it already and I know it’s an abrupt ending but I promise in next week’s blog it will all make sense and come together. 

Till next time,



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