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Life Changing

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another blog with Morty. For today’s blog, I wanted to talk to you about what SafeHope Home has done for me as I’m coming up to my two years here. Also, my two years of sobriety, but I will save that for another blog post.

Coming to SafeHope Home, changed my life completely. It not only changed my life but who I was before coming to SHH. It has also been challenging in some ways. All for a purpose though, but I will get into that later. So how has SafeHope Home changed my life? Well, by believing in me and by offering me support in certain areas of my life that I really needed support in. One thing that I will say (that I believe to be true and have mentioned before) is that; people from all over can help you in many different ways. But YOU have to be the one who is ready for that change and support. I get that it’s easier said than done, because I myself, have been in that position of people wanting to help me and me accepting it, but to make them happy mostly and being certain that I wanted to use again and meet up with my trafficker. But I eventually hit my version of rock bottom, before coming to SHH. I haven’t looked back since then because I knew that I couldn’t be the same person that I was two years ago now. I knew that I couldn’t keep talking to unhealthy people if I really wanted this healing and recovery journey that I was about to start, a second time around.

Eventually what I’m trying to say is that the only way I really benefited from being here at SHH, was because I decided to leave my old self and past where it belongs. Maybe for me, it took two times, and sometimes I wish that I could have done it that first time around. But you can. You can make it your first and last time on your first try. Is it possible? For sure it is. Is it going to be easy? NOPE. Is it going to be worth it? 100% most definitely YES. SHH gave me the tools and resources that I needed individually for me personally, to be able to succeed. Here’s the thing though. I was the one who had to do the work. Of course, the facilitators and case managers had a huge impact, there are even some or most that I will remember for the rest of my life. If I could say anything that helped me, is that you have to be willing to take that leap of faith. You have to use those tools and resources to work for you. Because the rest can wait. Giving yourself that time that addiction and your trafficker took from you back, will not only open so many doors but will change your life for the better.

These past two years coming up in November, have been filled with everything you can possibly think of. Tears, laughs, late nights, long days, hard times, happy times, lots of CHANGE, and the list will go on. But I am grateful for all of those moments. The hard ones, the easy ones, the sad ones, and the happy ones. Because without the hard times and the sad ones, I would not be the person that I am today. Those hard times that I wanted to avoid and numb, have made me more independent and wise. Those easy times and happy times have made me more grateful for those memories of pure happiness that will forever live in my heart.

I can talk to you for hours and hours about why I am forever grateful for SafeHope Home but we’d be here all day. I have recently started an opportunity somewhere, but I will save that perhaps for next week’s blog post.

As always, thank you if you’ve gotten this far into today’s blog post. It means the world to me, to know that at least one person is reading this. I hope that it can one day inspire someone to give recovery and healing a chance that it deserves, for one main reason, and that is YOU.

Till next time,

– Morty


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