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Introductions: A new series

Hello everybody, in addition to Morty, I will also be writing some blog posts. I’m going to go by Ruby. I’ve been at SHH for about 6 months now and was given the opportunity to add to the blog, which is great for me because I find writing to be very therapeutic. I will tell you a little bit about myself, in this blogging debut, then delve into some of my experiences, my story, the progress I have made at SHH, and probably a lot more.

I am interested in working in addiction and mental health. I have a passion for make-up and hair. I am a sucker for animals. I love playing video games, watching scary movies, and like anime. Music is very helpful in my healing process. I used to work in restaurants and I’m a pretty good cook. As I stated, I very much enjoy writing, and lots of it is fictitious, but involves addiction, and is a way of speaking about my addiction and trauma. Along with writing I quite adore getting cozy, with a nice blanket, a warm drink, and a book.

Being here at SHH has helped me come out of my shell, and actually given me the ability to find new interests, hobbies, and allows a great balance between doing the program, and having time to myself. I’m also very excited to share my thoughts, my story, and other things with everyone. I think my next post will be a bit about my past and how it led up to everything that happened.



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