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  In the last week, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on the amount of progress that I have made since coming to SafeHope Home.  Reflecting back on myself a little over eleven months ago is a really crazy feeling. Eleven months ago, my goals were to learn how to be independent and get an apartment. While those goals still remain, I have begun holding myself to a lot higher standards. I am now taking the steps necessary to further my education. I will have a career one day, as well as a family, “the life I’ve always dreamed of”. 

I’m extremely proud of the progress I have made but it definitely hasn’t been easy. I often question whether or not my goals are achievable for me. I find it really difficult to really see my full potential because through years of abuse I lost almost all self-worth. I’m currently working through these issues with SafeHope Home staff and seeing myself for who I really am is starting to get easier although I do still need guidance sometimes.

Most of the goals that I have set for myself now are things that I would have never dreamed of coming into the home. When thinking about the future, I’m not sure I could feel more prepared. While I know that transitioning out of SafeHope will be very emotional because this place has become home for me, having the continued support from SafeHope will forever make me feel connected to this amazing organization.

SafeHope has made me feel connected, loved, and cared for for the first time in years. I am so grateful to have found this place and will forever remember the good memories that I have made here. I came in broken, scared, and had pretty much lost hope in myself and the world around me. Now I know that life can be beautiful. There are definitely some dark parts to this world but the light is never too far away. I hope this blog post gets across how grateful I am for SafeHope Home. I don’t know where I would be without this place.

Ciao for now



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