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Complex Trauma

In this week’s blog, I would like to speak about complex trauma and how it affects the mind, body and spirit. First things first, I thought it would be important to give you a definition of what complex trauma is. Complex trauma impacts people who have been exposed to multiple traumatic experiences or prolonged traumatic experiences. Symptoms of complex trauma can include feeling trapped, low self-esteem, self-harm, overeating, undereating, intrusive thoughts, and so much more.

Because complex trauma is so… complex, it can manifest in so many different ways. I know that at least for me personally, I can find it difficult to pinpoint my triggers. Something that may affect me in a negative way today, might not affect me at all tomorrow. A common misconception about complex trauma is that only people who are emotionally weak will be affected by trauma. The truth is, trauma can affect anybody and everybody. When you are put in a dangerous and/or life-threatening situation, your body’s trauma response will be activated. Another misconception about complex trauma is that people who are diagnosed with disorders such as PTSD are violent. People who are diagnosed are more likely to appear fearful, jumpier, or withdraw from situations rather than act out in a violent manner.

I think that my trauma will affect me for the rest of my life but through therapy and other work that I’m doing through SafeHope Home, things have been and will continue to become easier for me. I do tend to be really hard on myself at times when I’m going through a period where I’m extra emotional, but I’ve learned here at the house that I feel that way because I feel safe. For so many years I was in constant survival mode. I never really had time to feel. I’m definitely happy that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to go through this period of growth at SafeHope Home.

Ciao for now



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