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Hey guys, it’s Ruby and today I want to talk about commitment. I’ve committed to this program at SafeHope and I know that even though it gets tough sometimes; I need to stay committed to this program, and my recovery, for my own survival. But there are other small commitments you can focus on too. 

Something that was very hard for me to commit to at first was going to the gym, I was constantly making excuses on why I didn’t want to go, or couldn’t go, whether it was I was too hot, my back hurt, or I just wasn’t in the mood. But I had to assess why I didn’t want to commit. So once I figured that out, I worked on doing things to change my perspective. I started attending the gym in the morning, and not overdoing it. I didn’t beat myself up for not losing weight rapidly. I made a routine for the days I go to the gym, and also a reward. My reward in this case is getting to sit with a cup of coffee before I start my day.

Another thing I think is important to commit to are meetings, whether those are NA, AA, peer support groups, or other sorts of meetings that you make the choice to go to. I like to go to at least one in-person NA meeting a week, and sometimes I will do more. Personally, I find just getting out of the house, and having fellowship with like-minded people is important to my recovery.

Even going to program daily is a commitment, even when I really do not want to get out of bed, or my knees are bugging me, or I’m just not feeling it, I still roll out of bed, brush my teeth, get ready, and go. I commit daily to my recovery, and I think that’s why this program is beneficial, most of us had no routine, nor any rules to follow. So even if it’s hard to commit, we’re all here, working for our futures.

And that’s all for today folks.



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