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Back to School

Back to school season is a very exciting and exhausting time. Add Covid into the mix, and I’m assuming that everyone is having a little difficulty adjusting. I thought I would use this week’s blog post to speak about my school experience and how being trafficked and my addiction affected that. I always had trouble making friends in school, which made it a high-stress environment for me. Nevertheless, I always seemed to manage, until I met my trafficker and my addiction kicked into overdrive.

The exhaustion from being trafficked and “working” throughout most of the night, as well as the constant need for drugs, made it impossible for me to get through a full school day. Looking back at the point that things had gotten to at this time in my life, I see losing school as the last thing that I lost before losing myself completely. Don’t get me wrong, school was never my favourite place to be, but it was the last thing that gave me some sense of normalcy.

I am currently working on my post-secondary education, which is a blessing I didn’t think I would ever receive. I’m so grateful for the guidance that SafeHope Home has provided me with and the support that is being provided academically (we have some smart staff members here).

I hope that everybody’s back-to-school season is going as smoothly as possible. Remember to take breaks here and there and practice self-care. Until next time.

Ciao for now



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