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A Quick Update

Hey guys, Ruby here sorry I’ve been on a hiatus.  Just kinda been a bit unmotivated lately. Just mostly had a lot going on, and trying to commit to making changes. So some updates. We had a lovely thanksgiving meal for all the girls and the staff, we celebrated a resident’s birthday, and we dressed up for Halloween. Honestly, the environment has been really good lately, lots of good things have been happening. 

My head has been in kind of a fog though because recently one of my best friends lost his life to his addiction. Like anyone in recovery, we’ve all lost people. But this one hit really hard. The last time I talked to him, he was clean for a while, and then I see that he’s passed. A cross was put up with his name in memorial and seeing that felt like a punch in the gut. It really made me think about my choices and the decisions I’m making in recovery. This man has been like family to me, he was always there when I needed someone, whether it was a place to stay, someone to cry on, or just someone to talk to. Knowing that I can’t just message him to ask him what’s going on, or send him a funny Tiktok, or that he’s never gonna send me another audio clip of a new song he’s working on hurts my heart. 

On a good note though, I’ve been making positive progress on things like going to the gym, trying to commit to it, and working different parts of my body. Sometimes it’s hard because I know results aren’t immediate so I get discouraged, but I know eventually I’m going to see a difference.

I’m going to start writing more frequently, and again I apologize for the hiatus. 



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