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Human Trafficking into the sex trade in Canada refers to the coercion of others for material gain; in other words, young women are forced into the sex trade against their will. The coercion is often based on false relationship manipulation, money, drugs, physical abuse or any combination of these. What awaits them is a life of despair, violence, fear and degradation.

Incidents of human trafficking of this form have been increasing in Durham Region and in fact all of Ontario. The Durham Regional Police (and other regions of Ontario) have formed special human trafficking units to combat these crimes and prior to the SafeHope Home initiative a complete resource like ours did not exist in support of their efforts and to assist those wanting to escape their entrapment.

SafeHope Board Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in joining the Board of Directors of SafeHope Home

Our Purpose:

SafeHope Home’s purpose is to provide affordable and secure housing for women who have been emotionally, physically or sexually abused or traumatized and for their children.

SafeHope Home’s long-term objective is to break the cycle of exploitation by providing a way out for these young women through a unique and comprehensive long-term recovery program of 3 to 7 years. We will provide them with housing, help in obtaining post-secondary education, counselling, recovery, life skills, job preparedness classes, job shadowing and on-the-job training.

Is SafeHope Home a good fit for me?

You should consider volunteering on the Board of SafeHope Home if you are interested in the following:

  • You have developed professional skills and want to use your talents to make an impact through SafeHope Home;

  • You are energized and anticipate the opportunity to serve with colleagues with a wide range of perspectives and diversity;

  • As a practicing Christian, you feel personally called to serve at SafeHope Home. At SafeHope Home we are on a mission and we are looking for people on a mission to join us.

Primary Duties:

The SafeHope Home Board is constituted of at least three (3) and at most twelve (12) Directors, members who have diverse experience, qualifications, and backgrounds. Board members serve at least one two-year term and a maximum of three two-year terms (i.e. six years). Such renewal is always based on willingness by the member to continue serving and a recommendation for re-appointment by the Board.

As a Christian organization, SafeHope Home seeks to recruit members who subscribe to the values and Statement of Faith of SafeHope Home and are willing to volunteer their services.  The organization meets reasonable expenses incurred in the course of duty, such as hotel accommodation and travel. Our board members all serve on a voluntary basis and consistently report that they are greatly uplifted by their contribution in helping SafeHope Homes achieve its vision and mission.

Time Commitment

  1. Board meetings


The Board meets monthly; 4 times face-to-face and 8 times virtually

  • Face-to-face meetings are usually held at 7:00 p.m. and take 3 hours

  • Conference calls are scheduled as required.

  1. Committee meetings

Committees help the Board to be effective and efficient.  The Board has the authority to create or dissolve committees.  There are currently no standing committees of the Board. The mandate and duties of any standing and ad-hoc committees will be set out in a Board-approved Terms of Reference document for the committee.

Any changes to a committee’s Terms of Reference must be approved by the full Board.  Committees must provide a report of activities to the Board after each committee meeting.  Committees will also research and report on any issues requiring Board approval and make recommendations to the Board.

Committees speak “to the Board” and not “for the Board”.  Unless specifically authorized by resolution of the Board, a committee may not exercise authority on behalf of the Board.  Committees are struck to provide advice to the Board and not to advise or exercise authority over staff.

  1. Meeting preparation

Board and Committee meeting pre-reads are sent to board members at least 7 days ahead of each meeting to facilitate meeting preparation.

  1. Between Board meetings

Board members may be called upon to support and be involved in various initiatives in which SafeHope Home is engaged, depending on the expertise and location of the member.

Board members are expected to responsibly represent SafeHope Home in their respective communities and to advocate for SafeHope Home’s events and resourcing as appropriate.  Board members are expected to leverage personal relationships and connections to help staff achieve the organization’s goals and are also expected to financially support SafeHope Home as they are able.

Area of Expertise

SafeHope Home is currently recruiting candidates who:

  • Are authentic with a sense that they are called by God to support such an organization in this role

  • Strategic thinker, planner, influencer knowing how to listen to God and others to gain clarity on such choices for the future.

  • Person who understands the big picture.

  • Passionate commitment to SafeHope Home’s cause and governance processes.

  • Be known as a team player, mature and able to contribute to teamwork.

  • Strives for a spirit of unity and the “one” voice principle.

The candidate will begin their term when approved by the Board.

How to contact us

To be considered for nomination to the SafeHope Home Board of Directors, please contact SafeHope Home at

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