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Our hope is that one day human trafficking will end globally. Until that day, we are committed to providing help for those wanting to escape their entrapment.

Human Trafficking into the sex trade in Canada refers to the coercion of others for material gain; in other words, young women are forced into the sex trade against their will. The coercion is often based on false relationship manipulation, money, drugs, physical abuse or any combination of these. What awaits them is a life of despair, violence, fear and degradation.

Incidents of human trafficking of this form have been increasing in Durham Region and in fact all of Ontario. The Durham Regional Police (and other regions of Ontario) have formed special human trafficking units to combat these crimes and prior to the SafeHope Home initiative a complete resource like ours did not exist in support of their efforts and to assist those wanting to escape their entrapment.

Our Main Objective

SafeHope Home’s long-term objective is to break this cycle of exploitation by providing a way out for those affected by providing a unique and comprehensive long-term recovery program of 3 to 7 years. We will provide them with housing, help in getting post-secondary education, counselling, recovery, life skills, job preparedness classes, job shadowing and on the job training.

What we Provide

SafeHope Home will provide a safe place to live and will work to empower our participants to transition into a healthy lifestyle within the community. Our programs were developed to help young women exit the sex trade and rebuild their lives. A general outline of these programs can be seen on our programs page.

Why we do this


Help us Break the Cycle of Exploitation

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